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2D Production - The Star Conductor

Winter 2016

The Final Version

Rough Animatic

Colour Keys and Small Thumbnails

Trying to get the look and feel of the film, and to finalize the concept.

Character Concept & Colour

My original design and character - Dream-  developed and coloured.

Spring Compilation - Personal Project - 2015

Personal Project from Spring of 2015

An unfinished personal project that I did in my spare time. A challenge of 30 seconds of animation and 3 background pans (3 layers of painting each) in 8 weeks. I wanted to explore emotion, large movements, and practice more in sincere animation and traditional background painting (gouache on acetate). However, it's still in an extremely rough state. 

2D Effects

More Recent than the Spring Compilation

My 2D special effects class taught by the amazing Professor Troy Gustafson! These are some of the assignments that I did in his class. Done in Toonboom. Still waiting for 2D Effects II.

Toonboom Puppeting Test

ToonBoom Harmony Puppeting test with my original character, Mister East. I puppeted and coloured and animated the entire animation myself.

2D Animation Principle Final

Really really old.

The final for Principles of 2D animation. It was made with traditional medium:  paper and pencil and shot with a camera.  My very first, full character animation, so I don't ever forget!


(Also, my prototype for Dream.)

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